Drop Camps for Hunters

Many hikers don’t require full service guided trips, or just plain prefer to “do it on their own.”  At the same time they want to have a reasonable amount of personal gear and supplies to ensure a safe, comfortable and enjoyable stay.  We provide horse-packing services and will haul your group’s gear to a pre-selected basecamp location. If need be, we will provide tents and stoves. No horses will be left in camp. Hunters will be responsible for getting to the hunting areas, and will need to transport their game back to camp. (Game packing is available at an additional cost. Game has to be in camp and quartered in game bags). Agreed upon weight limits and a recommended list of gear will be provided upon booking.

drop camp hunting colorado

Game Packing

We offer game packing during hunting season in all of Unit 76.  You enjoy the hunting experience, and we’ll come and pack your trophy out for you.

"I just want to say thank you to Greg Pearson of Ute Creek Outfitters for a great drop camp for me and my wife October 2016.  Great wall tent with everything to make us comfortable and warm. Greg dropped us right in the middle of the Elk herd that bugled all day and night 2 days before our hunt. The ride in was great but the ride out was even better after harvesting a nice 6 point bull opening morning.  Greg is very professional and a man of his word. There were no rodeos packing in or out and it was a trip of a lifetime."
 ~ George & Peggy Borman