About Long Ridge Outfitters

William Gregory Pearson (Greg)

I have been coming to this area since I was five years old. My parents have leased the same cabin at San Juan Ranch for thirty plus years. In 2006 I was asked to come up and work as a wrangler by Freemon’s Guest Ranch. I intended to work for a couple of weeks and then return to Austin. Well, two and a half months later, I went back to Austin. I was hooked. I worked for them for two more summers. Then after that third year, I didn’t go back to Austin. I was home here in the mountains. I met my wonderful wife Starr Pearson and her great family Ken, Kathy, Kirk, and Lezlee Ellison. Ken and Kirk were outfitters in this area for thirty years. I have heard some stories from these two. I just knew I had to do this one day. I wanted to be an outfitter like them.

I worked for Tom Payne Outfitters for two summers while still working for Freemon’s. When a friend (Dex Decker) told me Trail Skills (owned by Bob and Gin Getz) was going up for sale. I knew we had to get it. So thanks to my good friend TJ Karam we were able to pull it off. We became the proud owners of Lost Ute Outfitters. Then, in 2016, I was able to purchase an additional license, expanding my business. Lost Ute Outfitters became Long Ridge Outfitters. Hopefully, with the help of our wonderful clients, we will be the ones telling the stories of all the great adventures. Long Ridge Outfitters exists to give people the experience of trekking into the wild. Offering outfitting services in both the Rio Grande National Forest and the secluded Weminuche Wilderness, we are ready to give you the experience of a lifetime!